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List of products by brand Master vape92

Master Vape92 began with the YouTube channel "Le Temple de la Vape" before moving into the production of premium e-liquids. Born in Paris, the brand quickly stood out with its Corn Master, an e-liquid blending gourmandise and fruity notes for a unique, lasting vape, and Le Clochard, known for its rich crème brûlée flavors. These successes established Master Vape92 as a go-to manufacturer for connoisseurs, thanks to its commitment to exceptional flavors. Now, its e-liquids are recognized in the French and international markets for their quality and innovation.

The story of Master Vape92 began in the vaping world with a dedicated YouTube channel, "Le Temple de la Vape," before venturing into the production of premium e-liquids. Founded in Paris, the brand quickly made a mark with its first product, the Corn Master, an e-liquid perfectly combining gourmandise and fruity notes, providing a unique and lasting vaping experience throughout the day. This success established Master Vape92 as a preferred manufacturer for connoisseurs. The brand also launched Le Clochard, an e-liquid with rich crème brûlée flavors, appreciated for its distinctive notes. Master Vape92's commitment to creating exceptional flavors has made its e-liquids a reference in the French market and beyond.

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