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    💨🔋 Clearomizer Uforce L Voopoo - Group photo
    • 💨🔋 Clearomizer Uforce L Voopoo - Group photo
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    Clearomiseur Voopoo Uforce L

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    Dive into vaping excellence with the Uforce L Clearomizer by Voopoo, a gem for enthusiasts of direct inhalation. With its adjustable capacity of up to 7.5ml, it combines remarkable autonomy and extended pleasure. Compatible with PnP coils, it adapts to all tastes, offering dense vapor and pure flavors. Its top filling and adjustable airflow make usage easy and refine the experience. Designed to prevent leaks, it is the perfect ally for demanding vapers. The Uforce L sets the standard for tomorrow's vaping, blending aesthetics and technology for unparalleled satisfaction.

    💨🔋 Clearomizer Uforce L Voopoo - Group photo

    Clearomiseur Voopoo Uforce L

    Delivery within 24/48 hours excluding weekends and public holidays
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    In a universe where vaping is constantly reinventing itself, the Uforce L Clearomizer by Voopoo emerges as a revolution, redefining the expectations of vapers seeking a superior experience. Specifically designed for Direct Lung (DL) inhalation, this technological jewel perfectly illustrates the fusion of innovation and performance, offering unparalleled versatility and an enriched user experience. Through its avant-garde features, such as its impressive 5.5ml capacity, ultra-convenient top-filling system, and precise adjustable airflow, the Uforce L establishes itself as the ultimate choice for enthusiasts of dense and flavorful vaping. Compatibility with PnP coils reinforces its leadership position, allowing for total customization of the vaping experience, tailored to the individual preferences of each user. Voopoo, with its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, has meticulously designed the Uforce L to meet and surpass current standards in DL vaping, promising a vaping experience that is not just refined but truly transcendent.


    Voopoo, a pioneering brand in the vaping world, continues to innovate with the Uforce L. Based on feedback from vaping communities, Voopoo has developed a clearomizer that meets the specific needs of direct lung inhalation while simplifying daily use.

    Main Features:

    The Uforce L Clearomizer by Voopoo stands out for its innovative features designed to enhance the vaping experience. Here is a detailed update of the specifications that make this clearomizer a top choice:

      • Modular Tank Capacity: Initially equipped with a 5.5ml tank, the Uforce L can extend its capacity to an impressive 7.5ml with the Vape Temple bubble glass, offering exceptional liquid autonomy for extended vaping sessions without the need for frequent refills.

      • Compatibility with PnP Coils: The clearomizer is designed to be compatible with the entire range of Voopoo PnP coils, allowing users to customize their vaping experience according to their draw preferences and flavor intensity.

      • Easy Top-Filling System: Designed to simplify e-liquid refilling, the top-filling system allows for quick, clean, and effortless operation, eliminating the hassle of leaks and spills.

      • Adjustable Airflow: With a precisely adjustable airflow system, the Uforce L allows vapers to control airflow for customizing vapor density and draw intensity, providing a tailor-made vaping experience.

      • Leak-Proof System: Thanks to ingenious design, the clearomizer minimizes the risk of leaks, ensuring a cleaner and more enjoyable vaping experience.

      • Effective Heat Dissipation: The structure of the Uforce L is designed to offer excellent heat dissipation, guaranteeing a comfortable and safe vape, even during intensive use.

      • Width and Diameter: With a width of 58mm and a diameter of 26mm, the Uforce L presents a balanced profile that fits the majority of mods available on the market, ensuring extended compatibility and harmonious aesthetics.

      • Universal 510 Connection: The base of the clearomizer is equipped with a standard 510 connection, ensuring universal compatibility with a wide range of vaping devices, facilitating its integration into any vaping setup.


    The Uforce L Clearomizer by Voopoo brings together a multitude of advantages that propel it to the forefront of choices for vapers seeking excellence. Here is an enriched examination of its main strengths, incorporating the new extended capacity feature:

    • Expandable Tank Capacity: In addition to its generous 5.5ml tank, the Uforce L offers the exceptional option to increase its capacity up to 7.5ml with the addition of the Vape Temple bubble glass. This option amplifies liquid autonomy for extended vaping sessions, reducing the frequency of refills and maximizing user comfort.

    • Abundant Vapor Production and Precise Flavors: Compatible with PnP coils, this clearomizer is optimized for rich vapor production and faithful flavor rendition, meeting the expectations of vapers who value intense sensory experiences.

    • Simplified Refilling and Maintained Cleanliness: With its top-filling system and leak-proof design, the Uforce L ensures a clean and hassle-free vaping experience, eliminating the inconveniences associated with leaks and spills.

    • Adjustable Airflow for Customized Draw: The Uforce L's adjustable airflow allows for precise customization of the draw, offering the freedom to adjust vapor density and inhalation strength according to personal preferences.

    • Durability and Elegant Design: Designed with premium materials, the Uforce L combines durability and aesthetics, ensuring increased longevity while being a desirable object for its sophisticated appearance.

    • Optimal Heat Dissipation: Its advanced design promotes effective heat management, allowing for comfortable and safe use, even during intensive vaping sessions.

    • Flexibility and Expanded Compatibility: The extensive support for PnP coils gives the Uforce L remarkable adaptability, inviting users to explore various configurations to achieve the perfect balance between vapor volume and flavor intensity.

    The integration of the option to extend the tank capacity to 7.5ml positions the Uforce L Clearomizer as a standout innovation in the vaping landscape. This feature, along with its many other advantages, underscores Voopoo's commitment to delivering an unparalleled vaping experience, where performance, comfort, and customization converge to meet and exceed the expectations of the most discerning vapers.

    Usage Tips:

    To maximize your experience with the Uforce L Clearomizer by Voopoo and fully enjoy its advanced features, here are detailed usage tips:

    1. Resistance Selection: Start by selecting the PnP resistance that best suits your vaping preferences. Lower impedance resistances are ideal for denser vapor production, while those with higher impedance favor flavor rendition. Take the time to experiment with different resistances to find your perfect balance between flavor and vapor.

    2. Priming the Coil: Before installing a new coil, ensure it is properly primed by applying a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the visible cotton through the openings of the coil. This helps prevent cotton burns and ensures better vape quality from the first inhales.

    3. Refilling the Tank: To refill the tank, simply unscrew the top cap to reveal the filling port. Use the Vape Temple bubble glass to increase capacity to 7.5ml if planning extended use. Fill the tank slowly to avoid overflow, then screw the top cap back on firmly.

    4. Adjusting the Airflow: Airflow adjustment is done by turning the ring located at the base of the clearomizer. A more open airflow is recommended for airy vaping and significant vapor production, while a restricted airflow intensifies flavors and simulates the sensation of a traditional cigarette. Adjust according to your preferences to find the ideal draw.

    5. Regular Maintenance: To maintain optimal Uforce L performance, regularly clean the clearomizer components. Disassemble the clearomizer and wash the parts with lukewarm water. Let them dry completely before reassembly. Replace the coil regularly to maintain a quality vaping experience.

    6. Monitoring E-liquid Level: Ensure never to let the e-liquid level drop too low to avoid dry hits and prolong coil lifespan. Refill the tank before it is completely empty.

    7. Compatibility with Your Mod: Ensure that the mod used is compatible with the diameter and electrical specifications of the Uforce L. The universal 510 connection facilitates this compatibility, but always check the recommended power settings for the chosen coil.

    By following these detailed usage tips, you will optimize your vaping experience with the Uforce L Clearomizer by Voopoo, enjoying abundant vapor, intense flavors, and comfortable, hassle-free use. These practices will contribute to the durability of your clearomizer and the continuous satisfaction of your vaping experience.


    The Uforce L Clearomizer by Voopoo stands as an undeniable reference in the world of vaping, thanks to its perfect harmony between innovation, performance, and versatility. By integrating advanced features such as the expandable tank capacity up to 7.5ml with the Vape Temple bubble glass, extended compatibility with PnP coils, and an adjustable airflow system, it offers a personalized and unprecedented vaping experience. Voopoo's quality construction and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of the Uforce L, ensuring not only a superior vaping experience but also long-term durability and reliability.

    The ease of use, thanks to features like top-filling and the leak-proof system, makes the Uforce L accessible to both novices and experienced vapers looking to explore new dimensions of vaping. Furthermore, its elegant design and efficient heat dissipation not only make it a high-performance tool but also a desirable object, combining aesthetics and functionality.

    Voopoo's commitment to providing superior vaping products is evident in the development of the Uforce L Clearomizer. It meets the expectations of the most demanding vapers, offering dense vapor, rich flavors, and suitable for a multitude of preferences and vaping styles. Whether you're looking for huge clouds of vapor or delicate and nuanced flavors, the Uforce L is designed to exceed your expectations and enrich every puff.

    In conclusion, choosing the Uforce L Clearomizer by Voopoo is opting for an uncompromising vaping experience, where each inhalation is a discovery, each puff a renewed pleasure. It ensures a quality, durable vaping experience entirely tailored to your desires. Make your vaping journey an exceptional adventure with the Uforce L, the jewel of vaping technology, and join the Voopoo revolution for unparalleled satisfaction.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the "Uforce L" Clearomizer by Voopoo:

    1. What is the maximum capacity of the Uforce L Clearomizer tank?
    Answer: The standard capacity is 5.5ml, but it can be increased to 7.5ml with the Vape Temple bubble glass.

    2. Is the Uforce L Clearomizer compatible with all PnP coils?
    Answer: Yes, it is compatible with the entire range of PnP coils, offering great flexibility in coil selection.

    3. How do you fill the Uforce L Clearomizer tank?
    Answer: Refilling is done from the top by simply unscrewing the top cap to access the filling port.

    4. Does the Uforce L Clearomizer have a leak-proof system?
    Answer: Yes, it is equipped with a leak-proof system for a hassle-free vaping experience.

    5. How do you adjust the airflow of the Uforce L Clearomizer?
    Answer: The airflow can be adjusted by turning the ring located at the base of the clearomizer for a more open or restricted draw.

    6. What is the best way to prime PnP coils for the Uforce L Clearomizer?
    Answer: It is recommended to apply a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the visible cotton through the openings of the coil before installation.

    7. Can the Uforce L Clearomizer be used with any mod?
    Answer: Yes, thanks to its universal 510 connection, it is compatible with the majority of mods available on the market.

    8. What are the width and diameter of the Uforce L Clearomizer?
    Answer: The clearomizer has a width of 58mm and a diameter of 26mm.

    9. How do you maintain the Uforce L Clearomizer?
    Answer: It is recommended to regularly clean the components with lukewarm water and allow them to dry completely before reassembly.

    10. Is the Uforce L Clearomizer suitable for beginners?
    Answer: Absolutely, thanks to its ease of use and intuitive features, it is perfect for beginners seeking a quality vaping experience.

    Data sheet

    Direct (DL)
    type of tank
    5.5 ml
    From above
    Compatible Coils

    mars 30, 2024

    Une vraie turi

    Une vraie turi ce clearomiseur
    Mieux que plusieurs reconstrutible merci à master vape pour le conseil il reste juste à le faire passer à 7.5ml et ça grâce à master merci l'équipe vape mondial pour la livraison très rapide et soigné
    Je recommande très vivement

    • 0 0

    mars 15, 2024

    Test du uforce L

    Superbe atomiseur que se soit niveau qualité d’usinage ou saveur/vapeur se uforce L vous promettra une qualité de vap extreme

    • 0 0

    mars 15, 2024


    Magnifique Clearo avec une restitution des saveurs vraiment incroyable, allez-y les yeux fermés.

    • 0 0

    mars 14, 2024

    Une vraie tuerie

    Découvert grâce à master vape et franchement j'ai mis mon zeus au placard j'ai vraiment aimé et depuis je ne lâche pas je recommande vivement
    Merci master vape

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